divorce law services Welcome to the Law Office of Michael David Wood. We provide expert legal services to the citizens of South Carolina. Although our focus is on Domestic Litigation, Matrimonial, and Family Law, we also practice in the areas of civil litigations, personal injury and workers compensation.

Domestic Litigation, Matrimonial, and Family Law

It’s important to contact a child support attorney or divorce attorney.


  • Both parents are legally obligated for the support of a child, even if they were never married and regardless of the child's last name
  • Child Support is based upon a percentage of income and is set forth in the law
  • Most property acquired during marriage is considered marital property regardless of the title to the property, and all marital property is subject to distribution at the time of divorce?

If you have considered seeking legal counsel with regard to a difficult family situation, you have probably been intimidated by the legal process. We are sensitive to these concerns and handle each and every situation with compassion, integrity and discretion. The firm handles virtually every aspect of family law and domestic litigation including divorce, alimony spousal support enforcement, visitation, and custody in the trial and appellate courts in addition to serving as law guardians.

Civil Litigation

Several different areas of law fit squarely within the bounds of civil litigation. The most prominent types of civil litigation involve personal injury matters.

There are several other types of legal disputes, which must be included within civil litigation. Examples of these disputes include:

  • Commercial litigation
  • Contract disputes
  • Debt collection
  • Disability benefits
  • Insurance coverage or benefits issues
  • Landlord/tenant disputes
  • Small claims actions which do not exceed $3,000.00 in damages
  • Unemployment benefits
  • Wrongful discharge

Automobile Accidents:

Recovery for damages to property, for lost wages and medical expenses and for pain and suffering are the three areas generally involved in an automobile accident case. In addition, the firm will seek recovery not only for damages sustained to your vehicle and other property, but will also assist in obtaining "no-fault" benefits for lost wages and medical expenses. (A person seriously injured in an automobile accident also has a right to recovery for said injuries, as well as pain and suffering.)

Personal Accidents:

If you are injured as a result of tripping over or slipping on something, the firm will be pleased to review your case for free to determine if there is a responsible party who caused or knew of the defective condition, so as to pursue a recovery on your behalf. Call a personal injury attorney at a firm that has extensive experience in handling personal injury matters, by pursuing those responsible for compensatory damages.

Workers Compensation

An individual with a Workers' Compensation claim should not risk their claim in the hands of just any lawyer. The Claimant should be sure to retain a lawyer that is familiar with not only the substantive issues of the Workers' Compensation law, but also the procedural issues at the Workers' Compensation Board.

No charge for first visit (in contingent fee cases)

No fee without recovery(in contingent cases)

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